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Accredited study programs III. degree - Doctoral studies

Study field 2.2.4. Dramatic Art

Study program: Dramatic Art

The description of study field is related to the content of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, following the logic of four content units:

The first unit aims at raising the level of general knowledge and methodical dispositions of students when solving theoretical issues in artistic practice. Students attend regular lectures and seminars, which are listed in annex entitled Theoretical basis of the study field. Subject Doctoral seminar is compulsory during 7 terms. It focuses on continuous monitoring and guidance of students who work on their individual research projects, and creates platform for mutual communication of students and reflection of their work. This part of the curricula is organized in fixed dates and is compulsory for full-time as well as part-time students.

The content of the second unit falls within the supervisor’s authority and comprises work on dissertation project, both on its artistic as well as theoretical part.

The third content unit comprises obligations and tasks of students in the field of pedagogical practice and activities, which are related to project management, conferences, festivals etc. Part of their time is also dedicated to managing activities in the Research, Documentation and Creative Centre KLEIO, where internal doctoral students offer consultations to first and second grade students.

The fourth content unit comprises optional subjects focused on special issues dealt with in theatre. Students are free to choose from theoretical or practical subjects, depending on their professional or research orientation, and the needs of their dissertation.


Study field 2.2.5 Film and multimedia

Study program: Film and Television Direction and Screenwriting

General characteristics of the study program

The core of study program Film and television direction and screenwriting comprises subjects focused on:

  • Broadening knowledge of theoretical assumptions in artistic production and its perception, communication system of audiovisual work in social environment. The latest aesthetic and philosophical views on audiovisual production and communication in media. New technologies and their impact on audiovisual production. Artistic statement from the perspective of mass communication processes.
  • Application of acquired knowledge in one’s own artistic and research work-in-progress, mental modelling and realization of original work of art.
  • Apart from these, students have the opportunity to devise their study plan based on optional subjects from other study program from the same degree (students may choose from other departments and studios at the Academy of Arts).

The content of the doctoral program Film and Television Direction and Screenwriting comprises theoretical and practical acquisition of knowledge, methods and procedures, genres and styles of audiovisual culture production throughout its complex form from classical to the latest multimedia. The content is based on individual creativity and realization of the author's work of art or artistic performance. It familiarizes students with the specificity of film narrative and its individual components. It allows them to compare different types of narrative in terms of dramaturgical-aesthetic origins as well as in terms of their focus on the future artwork. It complements the study with knowledge in the field of humanities and social sciences in a sufficient manner and context. Education process emphasizes individuality and creativity of the student.

The aim of study program Film and television direction and screenwriting is to educate film, tel-vision and multimedia authors – screenwriters, dramaturge and directors of documentary films.

The overall aim of the study is to:

  • provide students with the latest theoretical knowledge
  • further develop this knowledge
  • foster the ability of students to apply the acquired knowledge in creative practice
  • support and improve one’s talent, creativity, abilities, skills and professional experience required for autonomous creative work and reflection of modern society of the 21st century concerning all aspects of audiovisual production.
  • At the doctoral level, the curriculum is complemented with reflection of work in the context of contemporary art outputs. It is an attempt to allow the PhD student to discover parallels of his own work with the most successful cinematographic works of the present. Graduate of the doctoral study focuses on acquiring knowledge based on the current state of artistic research and artistic knowledge, and especially on his or her own contribution. Graduate is trained for autonomous creative, research and artistic activity in the field of film and multimedia art, and publication of results, formation of trends and concepts in the field of art.

Subjects are mainly focused on the research of theory and practice of cinematographic production, taking into account the latest trends in the field of digital cinematography.

The content of the study program is complemented with knowledge of humanities and social sciences in a sufficient manner and context