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Department of Film Dramaturgy and Screenwriting


A graduate from this department receives both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the film art and multimedia and is able to make use of it in his profession. The graduate obtains an overview of both the historical and contemporary forms of film art and multimedia. He acquires a practical basis of creative processes and methods for production and realization of literary preparation of both the film and multimedia work and related dramaturgy. Literary work for a film follows the tradition of dramatic work and film’s own history. It is a consistent authorial work activity, mergi ng specific film work specifics with fantasy and literary talent. To bring up a film author and a dramaturg also means to cultivate their sensitivity to film expression means and creative procedures, the ability to react to original individual solutions and the ability to communicate with various types of team work and cooperation. The core of the study is in individual artistic work of a student under the supervision of a competent teacher. Expert theoretical courses make up the basis for the orientation in the particular field of study. Student presents the knowledge acquired during the course of study in written and oral exams and seminar works.